5 parking lifehacks that every truck driver should be familiar with

2 July 2019

The work of professional drivers is one of the most diverse. Anyone who has at least had little contact with the profession knows this. Whether you are an old bum with 20 years of experience or a freshman who just took a driving licence course, you are constantly getting to know the profession. Here are a few interesting lifehacks that can be useful for every truck driver.

A great deal is required of this profession. Truck drivers should have all the characteristics of a good professional driver, have numerous qualifications, know the roads, know the technology. In addition, they must be resistant to stress, be resistant, punctual and resourceful, especially in truck parking areas. And the latter can be helped with the following tips, which are successfully used by truck drivers from all over the world.

    1. Faded lamps

Truck lighting plays a very important role in road safety. This means that we have to take care of all the spotlights all the time. But what to do when the lamps become faded? Use toothpaste. To brighten (and renew) the spotlights, a simple, inexpensive toothpaste is enough. Just put it on the lamp and, without waiting for it to dry, polish it with a soft cloth.It is worth noting that the best effect will be achieved by using white paste. To apply it, use an old toothbrush (useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas).

    1. Foggy windscreen

One of the biggest nightmares of any driver is a foggy windscreen in the truck. They obstruct visibility and cause danger on the road. Luckily, all you need is… a potato. Simply rub the windscreen with a potato cut in half and the fogginess will decrease immediately. Both the outer and inner sides of the windscreen can be rubbed. This method is especially useful in case of bad weather;

    1. Air humidity

Since we are on the subject of a foggy windscreen, it is also worth knowing how to deal with excessive air humidity. In this case, silicone (silica) cat litter will help. Just put it in a sock under the seat.Interestingly, instead of litter, coarse-grained salt can also be used. Just remember that the sock should be well secured in the cabin and should not interfere during the ride;

    1. Dirty windscreen

Needless to say, it is the responsibility of every driver to ensure that the windscreen in the vehicle is properly cleaned. Especially if we smoke cigarettes in the cabin – then the windscreen becomes faded, less clear and slightly “blurred”. Such windscreen is difficult to clean, because we do not remove the whole slush immediately, but only smudge it. There are special liquids and cloths for this, but why buy them if there are newspapers? They do not leave smudges and remove all impurities.We just want to point out that newspaper paper matters. Slippery or chalky paper is not suitable for windscreen cleaning. In Poland, it is best to use newspapers such as Fakt, Angora, Gazeta Wyborcza (without propaganda overtones). However, instead of expensive liquids, ordinary vinegar mixed with water can be used.

    1. Visibility of vehicles at night

Night, country road, forest all around. For drivers, this means tragic visibility right away. From a distance you cannot see if another car is coming from across the road. And when we notice it, we already blind the second driver with our light. And that could cause an accident. So how can we prevent this from happening and manage to turn on the passing beam headlights? Very easy: we have to look carefully at the trees on the opposite side of the road. If they are illuminated, we have another vehicle in front of us, which will come out in front of us only after a longer while.Work for truck drivers usually means one thing – it won’t be boring. It is not an easy profession, but it certainly has its numerous charms, including the constant acquisition of skills. They also include various “tricks”, which are later useful in everyday life. Do you know any? Share them in a comment or in the driver’s app.

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