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More than 42 thousand car parks across Europe

  • 100 thousand users of the TransParking mobile app add new car parks every day.
  • All car parks added by drivers are examined and approved by our specialists.

We make your work easier and help your drivers reach safe car parks

Thanks to filters, you can easily find:

  • safe car park with monitoring, fencing or a guardian,
  • locations offering selected amenities (e.g. restaurant, Wi-fi or shower),
  • petrol stations of 16 brands in Europe,
  • petrol stations that accept Routex and DKV cards.
Routex DKV

Detailed information of a car park

  • All amenities and information about selected car park are visible on a single page.
  • In TransParking you will find the most reliable opinions about car parks - comments of drivers is first-hand information.
See how the car park looks like:

Share car park’s coordinates with your driver

Found a free car park? Share its coordinates using free SMS, email, or via Facebook. A driver will receive a link that contains the location of the car park in Google Maps or in the mobile TransParking app.