Truck parking in the US.

7 April 2021

For many experienced drivers, working behind the wheel in the United States is probably associated with Burt Reynolds, the famous master driver, smuggler and bandit, and the realities depicted in such classics as “Convoy” or “Deliverance”. Big spaces, hot Texas wind and, above all, megaparkings – the famous truck stops that have been talked about for decades. Unfortunately, as is the case in the European Union, the States also struggle with the lack of free parking spaces. Fortunately, the situation is changing.

Parking areas for trucks

American roads are among the best in the world. Good quality pavement, extensive network of connections and above all excellent parking infrastructure with extensive service facilities. Until recently in the States the lack of parking spaces was a little known problem, but with the development of the trucking industry the problem is getting worse.

American truck stops have always been famous for their accessibility. However, since 2017, the comfort of drivers’ lives has undergone a major change – tachographs have been introduced in the States, making truckers face an even tighter squeeze on parking facilities. Drivers, following in the footsteps of colleagues in Europe, park in casual places, on roadsides, exits and other similar places.

Lack of parkings in the USA

As it turns out, the problem exists in almost every state. A study on the condition of parking infrastructure released last December indicates that over a five-year period, many regions have seen an increase in the availability of truck parking, but nationally – due to the increase in truck traffic – the parking deficit, especially around major metropolitan areas, is still acute.

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Despite appearances, the problem has existed for many years. Fortunately, since 2012, the government has seen a 6 percent increase in publicly funded truck parking spaces as a result of policy. Private parking lots have seen an even greater increase of 11 percent. – has been even greater, with an 11 percent increase in private parking. However, as US experts reiterate, this is still not enough.

Challenges and solutions

The biggest problem exists on the most popular corridors with intensified traffic: I-95 from the Mid-Atlantic States to New York (especially from Florida to New England), in the area around Chicago, and in California and the entire Pacific Corridor in general. Large facility shortages are noted in the region of major metropolitan areas, transportation hubs, and manufacturing centers.

As is the case in the European Union, the solution to the problem lies, among other things, in cooperation between highway users, private operators, and federal, state, and local governments. Barriers are caused by the issue of funding, the lack of clarity about who would support the creation of new facilities and, more recently, the spread of a pandemic to which much money and effort has been devoted. However, it must be acknowledged that while the issue of agreements leaves much to be desired, the improvements over at least the last decade are tangible.

Where to park your truck in the USA?

For professional drivers, suffering from serious discomfort due to the lack of parking spaces, for the time being the only reasonable option remains – using mobile apps and searching for convenient parking lots on their own. Truckers have a variety of tools to choose from – free and paid, regional and national, American and foreign.

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