Parking lots for trucks in Sweden and Norway, i.e. where to park safely on the Scandinavian Peninsula

6 August 2020

Norway and Sweden are, on the one hand, very good and comfortable roads, on the other hand, however, dangerous corners, narrow passages and routes at heights. There is good salary and an extensive system of benefits, and at the same time – stress and tension. Working in Scandinavia is not easy, but you can make it easier.

Good wages, a wide range of benefits at work, choice of work system – thanks to that a driver in the Scandinavian countries can work almost normally and live with dignity. Even on the road, it’s finally a country with a well-developed infrastructure and high quality parking facilities. See for yourself – we have prepared a list of the best car parks in Sweden and Norway.

Parking lots for trucks in Sweden

The car park in Tanum is located on road E6. It is paid, for 20 parking places. It’s monitored and protected. Additionally, there is a shop, restaurant, shower and a gas station. The facility has a lot of good reviews in the TransParking application.

Circle K car park is located in Gothenburg. It is also available for car sets over 25 m. It is paid and safe. The place is fenced, illuminated and equipped with monitoring. There is a shop and showers on site. There are almost all 5 stars reviews in the application.

Håby – OKQ8, Håby Motell & Restauran is a paid car park with over 50 spaces. There is monitoring and lighting on site. Drivers can use the accommodation, shower, kitchen, restaurant and medical facilities. In addition, there is a shop, an ATM and a gas station. According to one of the users, “one of the best car parks in Sweden”.

The car park in Tönnebro is a small, fully illuminated and monitored facility. What’s important is that it’s free of charge and is perfect for the weekend. The car park has 20 spaces, including places for vehicles with dangerous goods or HGVs over 25 m long.

Parking by the road 206 – monitored and illuminated, although free of charge facility for 30 vehicles. Also for vehicles over 25 m long. There is a shop, petrol station, shower and restaurant waiting for drivers. As users say – clean, cool, quiet.

Parking in Helsingborg – small, but free of charge, in a good location. There is a shop and a gas station. The advantage of the facility is a high level of security – fence, lighting, monitoring.

Örebro Truckstop – is a large, illuminated and monitored facility with over 80 seats. Free of charge, designed for drivers of non-standard vehicles and those carrying ADR loads. A restaurant and a shop are available on site.

The car park of the industrial zone in Jönköping is free of charge on the F846 road. The car park is fenced, illuminated and monitored. There is also security on site. It is available for trucks with ADR. A big advantage is the surrounding area – water, lots of greenery, peace and quiet.

The best car parks in Norway

Circle K E6 Minnesund is a free and monitored car park with 20 seats. On site you can use the restaurant, shop and gas station. The facility is also available for vehicles over 25 m. Highly rated in the application.

Parking in Kolomoen – small, only 3 parking spaces, but free, with access to water and electricity. There is also a possibility to visit a restaurant or a shop. Situated by an important road, but rather in an empty area. For lovers of peace and quiet.

Parking in Halden is another free offer. The facility for 50 trucks. Fully illuminated and monitored. You will find a shower, there is also access to electricity and water, as well as shops and restaurants. According to the users, “a good place, peace and quiet, free showers, clean toilets”.

Parking in Mo i Rana – a small, 10-places facility on the E12 road. Free of charge, with monitoring. On site you can use the shower and laundry, do some shopping or refuel.

Parking in Møre og Romsdal – medium sized accommodation with 20 spaces free of charge. The facility is fenced and monitored, and has additional lighting so you can feel safe there. Paid showers and washing machines are available on site.

Paid car park in Hølen – a small building for 7 vehicles. Monitored and illuminated. Paid, but shower is included in the price. On site there is a shop and a gas station. Parking is also available for vehicle combinations over 25 m.

Parking on the E18 road, near Knapstad – a small, free of charge facility equipped, monitored and illuminated. Drivers can use Wi-Fi or a shower. There is a station, shop and restaurant. According to users, “everything is free and available 24 hours a day, including hot water in the toilet and shower. In addition, there is a low price of fuel, friendly staff and a table with benches at the car park”.

Parking in Vikeså – located on road E39, monitored facility for 15 vehicles. On site there are a shop, gas station and free shower. Very much appreciated by drivers.

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