Safe parking for trucks in Catalonia on the road from La Jonquery

24 July 2020

Since the beginning of June, most European countries have been relaxing the restrictions introduced due to the risk of coronavirus infection. However, in some regions, such as Catalonia, the restrictions still apply. In addition, the regional authorities are introducing further restrictions that may adversely affect the availability of free roadside parking spaces. We therefore encourage you to consult the list of safe car parks in Spain and Catalonia.

In mid-June, the Catalan authorities renewed the ban on heavy goods vehicles on the N 340 between Alcanar and Hospitalet de L’Infant and between Altafulla and Villafranca del Penedés, and on the N240 between Borges Blanques and Montblanc.

Now, a ban has been introduced on the border section N-II between 773,5 km (La Jonquera) and 709 km (Fornells de la Selva). From 1 July, lorries crossing the Spanish-French border in La Jonquera must follow the AP-7 toll motorway. This means that there may soon be no free parking spaces on this route. Therefore, we suggest which car parks are worth paying attention to in order to avoid parking in places not suitable for this.

Where to stop on the AP-7 from La Jonquera

One of the largest truck parking facilities on this route is in La Jonquera. It is large, with 110 parking spaces and, most importantly, despite being free, it is guarded, fenced, illuminated and monitored. In addition to this, there is also a paid parking space – SOL with many driver facilities (kitchen, bathroom, car wash, shops and restaurants).

In the vicinity of the town of Llers we recommend parking for Petromiralles lorries – free and not too big, because for 30 lorries, but safe and highly appreciated by drivers. What’s interesting is that regulars appreciate this place not only because of its high level of protection, but also because of good food and cleanliness.

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In Llogaia d’Alguema Girona on road II-A there is quite a big, paid car park at Corral Roig. It is located at the station, with a free lavatory and paid shower. A hot spot recommended by drivers.

In the vicinity of Vilajoan (in both directions), drivers can also use free – although unguarded – facilities. One of them is for 30 seats, the other for 20. There are bathrooms and showers available for drivers in both car parks. Both are also highly valued by regular visitors.

A good place is also a car park in Girona at Lateral A2 – free of charge, for over 30 trucks. Too many amenities are not available, however, to quote one of the users of the TransParking application, “safe and light as daytime”.

During a pandemic, transport is very difficult. The law changes from day to day, new restrictions and further restrictions arise. And with this, the problem of a shortage of parking spaces is also growing, especially in Spain, where the lack of parking is particularly acute.

We encourage you to observe the truck bans in our Bans For Trucks application and look for free parking spaces in TransParking. For ease of reference, please see the list >>> of the safest parking spaces for trucks in Spain.