Going the southern route? Pause only in those parking lots

2 July 2019

The summer season has begun in full—early June welcomed us with great heat and according to forecasts, whole summer will be hot. Everyone is dreaming of a seaside trip now. So if you are going to southern countries and staying for a long time in the parking lots—remember that by staying in these places, you have a chance to spent your weekend not in a parking lot but on white beaches of Spain, France, Italy or Greece.

One of the most widespread myths in the transport industry claims that when driving a route, the driver visits only highways and parking lots. This is not true, as evidenced by stories of such drivers as Alex Stalski and Mark Koval who proved when executing a transport order, you can visit charming places in Europe, relax on a beach, and swim in the sea. You just need to know where to park your truck.

Parking lots for trucks in Spain

On the coast of the Alboran Sea (part of the Mediterranean sea), on the scenic route from Malaga to Cartagena, we can find many safe and comfortable parking areas for trucks, where it is definitely worth to spend a longer break. One of them is e.g. the parking lot by the road N-340. It is a place for over 100 trucks; it is guarded and has many facilities for drivers. It is located near the municipality of Salobreña, 1.5 kilometres from the sandy beaches. It is definitely worth to consider the large (over 500 parking spaces) parking lot for trucks in El Ejido at Leonardo Da Vinci Street [Calle Leonardo Da Vinci]. The parking lot is located near the important A7 road, only a few kilometres from the sea. We can also find a small guarded parking lot at A-1205 in the province of La Fuente, 10 kilometres from the coast. Comfortably situated parking spaces for trucks also include the parking lot in Valencia at Carretera Fuente en Corts 44. From here, you can very easily reach not only the sea and the port but also all the sights of the town, called the City of Arts and Sciences.

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Parking lots in France—it is worth to park your truck here

In France, we can find even more parking lots, staying in which may result in something special. Take, for instance, the commune of Béziers, located about 12 kilometres from the coast. In the town of Vendres by Rue de Vienne, we can find a large (for 350 trucks) parking lot with all possible facilities for drivers. Interestingly, the parking lot has a ranking of 5 out of 5 stars in the TransParking app.
It is worth to also visit such places as the parking lot in Toulouges near the town of Perpignan, several kilometres from the sandy beaches, the parking in Montpelier, 10 km from the Mediterranean coast, where we can find the famous Gothic Cathedral of Saint Peter, and parking lots near Marseille, the hometown of Zinédine Zidane.

Where to park in Italy

There is a saying that it is worth to stop in Italy…everywhere. Unfortunately, a truck driver cannot afford such a luxury but they also should not miss the pleasure of visiting Italy. Therefore, if you are driving through Italy, remember that here you can find many safe and conveniently located parking lots for trucks.Between Geno and Lucca, you can stay in the parking lot in Sestri Levante near E80 and in the town of Pietrasanta near the coast of the Ligurian Sea. It is definitely worth to stay in the small parking lot in Tarquinia (17 parking spaces), 7 kilometres from the sea. And for lovers of art and architecture, we recommend the parking lot for truck near Naples, in the town of San Nicola la Strada. Well located, 120 parking spaces, guarded, and providing facilities for drivers—this place will delight many truckers.

Parking lots for trucks in Greece

Unfortunately, Greece is not well-known for its safe parking lots but if you want to visit scenic views of the cradle of civilisation, it is worth to look for guarded places. Just remember that a parking lot needs to be guarded, with a fence and lighting.Note the pay parking in the town of Aspropirgos, 3 kilometres from the sea and 18 kilometres from the capital city. There is also another one nearby, with over 100 parking spaces. It is worth to consider the parking lot in Plaka Dilesi at road no. E01, just above the South Evian Gulf, near Chalcis, the town that was mentioned even in the Illiad.Do you want to learn about more parking lots where you can safely park your truck for a weekend in Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey? Download the TransParking app and use the largest database of parking lots for trucks in Europe for free.