What kind of truck to choose… So what kind of transport should be used for certain types of goods?

11 December 2020

What is the difference between isothermal truck and cold storage camera? What is a curtain truck? Which vehicle to choose for a particular load? If you are looking for answers to similar questions, please refer to this guide. Even if you are an experienced trucker.

Transport planning requires the transport manager to know what storage and delivery conditions should apply to the individual products. Unfortunately, this is not always obvious. Choosing the right means of transport causes a lot of problems for inexperienced TSL market players, that is why we have prepared this simple guide which will help you to match the truck to your load.

Road transport offers deliveries of at least several different types of semi-trailers. In some cases they only differ in the way they are loaded, in others the temperature and the permissible total weight are important. So let us take a look at each trailer separately.


The cold storage is intended for the transport of frozen or chilled products which perish quickly. The refrigerator must carry goods such as:

  • meat,
  • fish,
  • vegetables and fruit,
  • medicines,
  • chemical products.

Some semitrailers have more than one compartment so that different goods can be transported simultaneously. This is very convenient for logistical reasons (the vehicle does not drive only partially loaded).

The minimum temperature that can be obtained in cold stores is -35°C. In this case we transport deep-frozen goods.

  • Capacity of cold storage cameras: 33 Euro pallets.
  • Volume of cargo space: 82m3 – 92m3.
  • Body width: 2,42-2,45 m.
  • Body height: 2,45-2,7 m.
  • Body length: 13,2-13,5 m.
  • Tonnage: up to 22 t.

Source: Stt-auto/Youtube

Isothermal trailer

Isothermal trailer is a semi-trailer that maintains a certain temperature for some time. It differs from a cold store in that it does not produce it. Also perishable goods are transported with isothermal energy. It can maintain the right temperature even if the outside temperature is below zero.

Isothermal energy is mainly used for short-distance transport. This type of semi-trailer protects the load very well against dust, dust or moisture.

Isothermal trailer can be used for transportation of:

  • dairy products,
  • fruit and vegetables,
  • fresh sausages,
  • domestic appliances/RTV,
  • chemical products,
  • medicines.

Cold loss from a trailer is 2-3 degrees C. per day.

Source: cargobull.com

Curtainsider, tarpaulin, mega

The curtainsider is one of the most common trailers in transport. Its sides are covered with a curtain, which can be slid down during loading or unloading. This semi-trailer is popular because of quick unloading of goods that can be placed anywhere inside the trailer and the possibility of easy loading with forklift trucks. The goods in the curtain are fastened with belts.

The curtainsider differs from the tarpaulin mainly in the way it opens the body. In the tarpaulin the curtain should be removed and raised. A mega-trailer, on the other hand, is higher than an ordinary curtainsider or tarpaulin, thanks to which we can transport loads of other dimensions. The permissible load capacity is about 32.8 tones.

Load capacity of a tarpaulin/curtainsider:

  • Length: 13,60 m,
  • Width: 2.45 m – 2.48 m,
  • Highness: 2.50 m – 2.70 m,
  • Load capacity up to 34 europallets,
  • Up to 25 tones loading weight.

The tarpaulin and curtainsider can carry most of the goods, which are resistant to temperature changes and do not qualify as dangerous goods (ADR).

Source: Wikipedia


The tipper has no roof, so it is possible to load it with the top. The trailer can be lifted so that the load can be dumped quickly. The load capacity of the tipper is from 33 000 to 54 000 kg.


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Source: Wikipedia Commons


Tanks are used to transport liquids. We distinguish several types of such bodies:

  • chemical tanker – for transporting liquid chemical goods,
  • a gas tanker – to transport gas,
  • fuel tanker – to transport fuel in liquid form.

Source: Pixabay


The silo is designed to transport loose materials, e.g. grain or flour. It is possible to dump or blow the load transported in it.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

What can be transported with buses?

In the case of smaller loads, the most useful vehicles will be vans, i.e. simply buses (vehicles with a maximum permissible weight below 3.5 t).

Vans can be divided into two types: bus and container vehicle.

Source: Wikipedia

The bus can transport, for example, furniture with dimensions of 350x175x185 cm, household appliances and electronics, etc. As far as a container is concerned, the cargo should not exceed the dimensions of 420x210x210 cm and weight of 1.5 t.