Parking lots for trucks in Naples. See where to park if you also want to go sightseeing

19 April 2019

It is said that during the first journey to Naples one cries twice. One time, when we are overwhelmed by the madness characteristic for this agglomeration, and the second – when we have to come back. For those who prefer a little bit of sightseeing on the road, we have prepared the following list of parking lots, from where it is easiest to get to the most beautiful places in Naples.


Naples is not only a delicious cup of espresso and a close presence of one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, Vesuvius. This is where the most beautiful metro station in Europe, Toledo, is located, and this is where the first pizza we know today was created 130 years ago. It is a city that is famous all over the world for its exquisite cuisine and beautiful urban landscapes. It is no wonder that drivers agree that if they have to take a longer break somewhere, it is only here.

Parking lots for trucks – Naples.

One of the best parking spaces around the city is a free, quiet parking lot in the city of Casoria, 9 kilometres from the centre of Naples. The parking lot is located at Autostrada del Sole street, on the A1 road. There is a free, 24-hour shower with a toilet. The parking lot is located about 15 kilometers from the biggest attraction of the region – Vesuvius.

A little closer, only 4 kilometers from the dangerous attraction, on Via Mele street we can find a parking lot for trucks in the city of Somma Vesuviana. It is near this parking lot that you can see the tragic loss of Pompeii in all its glory.


Source: Screen z Google Maps

Also in the city itself we can find several attractive parking lots in terms of location, where you can stop for free with a truck. For those who want to see the vibrant Via Toledo, we recommend the free Con-Tras parking lot at Via Ponte della Maddalena 35, more than 3 km from the Toledo station. The place is guarded and fenced, and at the same time close to the biggest attractions of the city. The famous metro station can be reached on foot within 30 minutes.

toledo station

Toledo/Source: Wikipedia

A few hundred metres away, on Via Reggia di Portici 75, there is another parking lot to park with a truck in Naples. The place is quite large for the Italian agglomeration (available number of places – 45 vehicles), and at the same time it is guarded, fenced, and monitored. You can reach Vesuvius from there from here by public transport (e.g. from the Via Gianturco station).

These two parking lots are located near the harbour, from where you can see the Gulf of Naples. It is very easy to get to the Castel Nuovo castle, the architectural symbol of the city, for example by metro line M.


Castel Nuovo/Source: Wikipedia

There is also the Royal Palace near Castel Nuovo. It is an obligatory point of the programme for visitors of the city.

Palace in Neapol/Source: Wikipedia

A few hundred meters away we can see the famous Fountain of the Giant, from where there is a picturesque view of the gulf

fontana del gigante

Fontana del Gigante/Source: Wikipedia

Right next to the island there is the Egg Castle (Castel dell’Ovo), another “must see” in the visitor’s programme, and 3 kilometres further on the Vomero hill is the Sant’Elmo castle.

castelo do ovo

Castel dell’Ovo/Source: Wikipedia

Neapol harbour


Naples’ infrastructure is not very truck friendly. There are no protected parking lots for trucks and comfortable exits. However, if you want to visit the city during a longer break – this is manageable. And if you prefer to get to know more places where you can stop with a truck in Naples, use the free TransParking application.

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