Free parking lots for trucks in the Benelux region: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg

17 September 2019

With the coming of September, the industry will start a hot season. Vacation is ending, time to increase production and start working. After all, it is going to be Christmas soon, too. That is why we have created a list of free parking lots in the Benelux region where you can safely park your truck.

The Benelux countries are very important for Poland in terms of trade. In 2018, Belgium was ranked the 10th among Poland’s most important trading partners. Whereas in January 2019, when compared to the same period of the previous year, the increase in the export of Polish products to the Netherlands achieved the best result among all trade partners of Poland (+12%). Meanwhile, Luxembourg, according to Krzysztof Bramorski, the Honorary Consul of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a “gateway to internationalisation” for Polish companies.

-It is a place where it is easier to attract investors and gain capital,” said Krzysztof Bramorski in an interview for Rzeczpospolita. “Cooperation with Luxembourg is developing, among others, in the logistics sector, where the construction of Amazon centres is a good example, or in finance for which Luxembourg is one of the most important centres in Europe,” added the consul. That increasing cooperation was the reason for the establishment of the Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce on 28 June 2018.

What do we transport to the Benelux region? As indicated by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology (Ministerstwo Przedsiębiorczości i Technologii – MPiT), in 2018, these were mainly products of the electrical machinery, chemical, and metallurgical industries, as well as agricultural and food products. A lot of Polish products are sold in these markets, for example:

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– furniture of Forte S.A. and Mebelplast Sp. z o.o.,

– machines and parts of industrial machinery of Solaris, Complex, Inter Groclin Auto, Admiral Boats SA

– metal products of ZM Silesia S.A.,

– construction products of Bud-Masz, MS więcej niż okna, Fabryka Okien i Drzwi “Dziadek” Sp. z o.o., FAM Capital Group,

– electrical products of Kontakt-Simon SA,

– food products of Żywiec, Lech, Agrodalma, Polsweet, Astor, Grupan AG, Mlekovita, Sok Mauera [Maurer’s juice],

– clothes and shoes of Gucio,

– children’s articles of Tutek.

With the development of commercial cooperation, the countries of the Benelux region are also investing in logistics and transport infrastructure, particularly in terms roads and parking areas for trucks. In 2017, the first parking lot in Belgium with the 4th level of safety on a 5-step rating was established. In addition to monitoring and fences, it has an entering and leaving tracking system, as well as photo capturing system for trucks and their drivers. Similar safety standards are in force at the Polish Truck Arena Grójec, at National Road 50 [DK50]. In Rotterdam, on the other hand, a very large parking lot for trucks called Maasvlakte Plaza was established two years ago. The parking lot has 359 parking spaces, including 80 for ADR-certified trucks.

The infrastructure of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg is one of the best in the European Union in terms of facilities and parking spaces for truck drivers. So let’s see which free parking lots are recommended by the drivers themselves.

Parking lots for trucks in Belgium

Amsterdamstraat, a small parking lot just by the Dutch border, and a large, illuminated, monitored, and fenced parking lot in Aard, Terbeeksestraat, deserve to be considered safe and comfortable parking lots for drivers. It’s away from the highway, but secure.

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Aische-en-Refail on the E411 in Respaille is also worth mentioning. A place valued by truck drivers for its peacefulness and cleanliness.

-The parking lot is functional, you can park there even after 9 p.m. There’s also a Delhaize shop. Clean toilets and shower for EUR 2.50,” comments one of TransParking application users.

The parking lot in Jabbeke at A10 is also a noteworthy place for a day stop – fully guarded, with shops and restaurants.

Free parking lots for trucks in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, drivers appreciate such places as Hoogblokland at E311 (shops, access to water, kitchen), De Raket Wegrestaurant in Rogat at Industrieweg 2, and Flevoland parking at Lepelaar 4 in Lelystad (accommodation, catering, petrol station, access to water and showers, and, most importantly, a high safety level). It’s a well-known and popular place to visit also because of its location.

-11 km by bike to the seaside, about 15 km to the beach in Lelystad. 12 km to the Aviation Museum,” says one of the application users.

-Awesome parking lot, fantastic running and cycling areas around. Parking lot for large vehicles, not too occupied during weekends. Very clean shower. You can pay with toilet tickets. Nice service, access to ponds, and bicycle paths through the restaurants,” comments another.

The parking lots in Lichtmis at Hermelenweg 190 and in Geesbrug at E233 are also an interesting option.

Luxembourg – where to park your truck for free

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country, squeezed between Belgium and two giants, Germany and France. For this reason, it is very important for carriers that carry out international transport and thus also for professional drivers.

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The parking infrastructure in Luxembourg is one of the best in the EU. There are highly appreciated (and free) places such as the parking lot in the Zone Industrielle Scheleck in Bettembourg, the large parking lot in Berchem with about 100 parking spaces on the A3 road, anthe the small but convenient parking lots in Hosingen on the E421 and Lorentzweiler on road no. 7.

You should particularly consider Wasserbillig at E44. It’s a parking lot with about 60 spots, quiet and peaceful, with free toilets and shower.

“Seems great to me. Cheap petrol, delicious baked goods, panini, etc. I always come here when I go back. The parking lot is also big. Highly recommended,” as Sadorskikacper2, a TransParking application, evaluated the place.