Forms for truck drivers during the second wave. See where they apply

23 November 2020

In connection with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries of European Union have introduced new restrictions relating to quarantine and the movement of heavy goods vehicles. Some countries have made a special form obligatory. We tell you exactly where and which documents are required.

The first wave of the pandemic has brought a lot of confusion. Several countries introduced restrictions chaotically, often updating the new rules after just a few days. Fortunately, this time it is different – decisions are taken sensibly, taking into account the consequences and the fact that the transport sector cannot function normally in an era of lockdown.

Fortunately, during the second wave, the transport of freight and the movement of drivers in European Union countries is no longer so difficult. To make it even easier, we have prepared a list of countries where forms for professional drivers are required. Below you will also find attachments with available documents.


In France, the lockdown is valid until 1 December with the possibility of extension. Transport is allowed, but drivers are required to carry the relevant documents with them:

– a form for proof of business travel – filled in by your employer,

– a form confirming the exceptional reason for the journey – completed by the driver to move outside working hours.

>>> Forms can be downloaded under this link.

Penalties for non-compliance with the obligation to have the relevant documents:

– First fine: €135, if the payment is not made in time – €375.

– For a further offence within 15 days: a fine of €200, increased to €450.

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– After 3 offences within 30 days: a fine of €3,750 and 6 months in prison.


Spain has a state of emergency and, although it does not directly affect the transport sector, some of the Autonomous Communities have made it compulsory to have a certificate. The form is needed in the following regions:

– Navarre and Aragon in cases where a driver has to leave the vehicle (no document is required during transit, loading or unloading).

– La Rioja: in all cases, including transit, loading or unloading.

Compulsory documents:

Required in La Rioja, the form is on the last page of the document.

– Document required in Navarre.

– The form for the self-employed can be found on the Government of Aragon.


In Portugal, the state of emergency is in force until 23 November, and may be extended later. The restrictions apply, among other things, to inter-urban travel, so drivers carrying out road transport must have a certificate issued by their employer certifying that they are engaged in a professional activity.

>>> The downloadable form is available under the relevant link.


In Italy, curfew applies throughout the country. Movement between 10 and 5 am is only allowed in connection with work or in cases of greater necessity. Therefore, lorry drivers must have a special certificate.

Specimen of certificate in Italian.

The form in English.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the state of emergency began on 5 October. Drivers are not subject to any restrictions, but they must have an appropriate form confirming their employment in transport.

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>>> The document can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website.

No form is required for transit.


There is a curfew in Belgium. Depending on the region, restrictions apply:

– Brussels: 10 p.m. to 6 p.m,

– Flandria: from 0:00 to 5,

– Wallonia: 10 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The ban on travelling during these hours does not apply in health emergencies, for work duties and for moving from home to work.

Drivers must document their journey with a CMR or a certificate drawn up by their employer.

>>> Specimen of the form.

If the drivers will be in the country for more than 48 hours, they must complete a Passenger Locator Form 48 hours before entering the country.

>>> Link to the form.

United Kingdom

In the UK, you will need to fill in the Location Form. The document must be completed at the earliest 48 hours before arrival in the country. This also applies to professional drivers.

>>> The document is available from the Government website.


In Romania, due to the introduction of a curfew, which is between 23 and 5 a.m., lorry drivers with a GVW(gross vehicle weight) of more than 2.4 tones must fill a declaration when entering the country.

>>>The document in Romanian can be downloaded here.


From 12 October, drivers entering Latvia must complete an electronic declaration at least 48 hours before crossing the border. After completing the form, the system generates a QR code, which must be presented to the customs service at the border.

The form is available in English, Latvian and Russian on the website: