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Improve your operations and save time spent on searching for bans. Check out what functionalities we have prepared for you and your business.

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Current Bans

Plan the routes for your drivers with the most precise database of time bans

  • truck traffic bans in 40 European and Asian countries,
  • automatic indication of bans for the next 7, 14 or 30 days,
  • ability to preview bans in a prescribed time frame.

Detailed information on ban

The app shows you all information about:

  • day and hours when ban is in force,
  • tonnage admissibility, bans for ADR and vehicles with trailers,
  • roads and areas covered by ban in a given country.
Share information with your drivers! Information about the selected ban can be sent by e-mail.

Adjust the filters to your needs so you do not have to browse thousands of bans

  • select the countries you are interested in - the app will show you the bans only in the selected countries,
  • filter the bans in terms of tonnage, ADR and vehicles with trailers.

Reporting incorrect bans

The app has over 170,000 users. The Bans for Trucks drivers community monitors data on bans on the ongoing basis and informs us about those that are incorrect. Our specialists carefully verify each report, so that almost all the bans in our database are valid.
Option to designate routes is only available
in the mobile app for Android phones
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If you leave at noon, when will you reach your destination?

Enter the date and time of departure, and the app will calculate the approximate time for cargo delivery - of course taking into account the existing bans.
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When to leave to deliver your cargo on time?

You have to arrive in the agreed time? Specify the destination, agreed date and time - the app will calculate when you need to leave to get there without delay.

The app will also show alternate routes through different countries.