Traffic bans for lorries on 13 May on Ascension Day

20 May 2021

Ascension Day is celebrated on Thursday, 40 days after Easter. This year it falls on 13 May. Some European countries have additional traffic bans for heavy goods vehicles during this time.

aplikacja z zakazami dla ciężarówek

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rules for restrictions on Ascension Day are slightly different than usual. First of all, they will not apply everywhere. The Austrians, French, Germans (only for transport operations with oversized goods) and Swiss have decided to introduce bans. 


The bans apply to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 7.5 tonnes and to vehicles over 3.5 with a semi-trailer or trailer from midnight to 10 p.m.


For France, restrictions are in place from 12 May, from 10 p.m.  to 13 May, also until 10 p.m. They apply to vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.


In Germany, the bans only apply to oversize transports. The standard ban has been cancelled for every federal German land.


Restrictions apply from midnight to midnight and apply to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVW, articulated vehicles and trucks with trailers over 5 tonnes. 

Other countries have decided not to impose restrictions. Read more about truck bans in our Bans For Trucks app.

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