24 January 2019

Mobile applications are a dynamically developing branch of virtual reality. Their number is constantly growing, which means that they affect almost all aspects of our lives and are constantly being improved, thanks to which they support us in many aspects of our everyday existence in an increasingly effective and more efficient way. Basically, they can be divided into two groups: applications dedicated to entertainment in its broadest sense, and applications designed to facilitate many different activities created for people with specific needs or people performing particular professions. This group includes all kinds of applications for truck drivers.

Aplikacje mobilne dla kierowców ciężarówek android

There are more and more useful applications that make the truck driver’s work much easier and more efficient. A large group of them is free of charge, and in order to use them you only need a phone and internet connection. It is worth taking a moment to get to know the most interesting ones.


It is hard to imagine the work of a professional driver without navigation – stopping on the roadside and unfolding the map is a thing of the past, but it is still worth having a map with you anyway, because sometimes it may prove very useful. If your phone is equipped with GPS, you get extraordinary support on the road no matter where you go Convenient and easy to use navigation applications make it easy and quick to reach your destination. Just enter the address you are interested in and set the most important route parameters (for example, whether it should be the shortest or the fastest route, or if you want to avoid toll sections, ferries and so on). Thanks to navigation you don’t have to spend a lot of time on preparing a route using traditional maps, the application will do it for you based on our individual requirements. In addition to the famous Google navigation, the most popular truck navigation systems include Sygic Truck GPS, MapMap Truck Polska for Android.

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Due to the ever-increasing consumerism, which has a direct impact on the increasing number of trucks on the roads, and this in turn on the very limited number of available parking spaces, because unfortunately they are not created at a sufficient pace, many drivers have problems in finding a suitable parking space. Very often what counts here is not only comfort, but also, and perhaps most importantly, time. It happens that we get lost a bit and it turns out that the indications of the tachograph order us to stop in just a few moments. With the help of applications, it takes literally a second to find a parking space in any parking lot across Europe. The best of these is the free TransParking application.


The daily routine of every professional driver on international routes is to plan the route in such a way as to bypass any periodic or permanent bans and traffic restrictions for heavy goods vehicles. Luckily, there are applications that do all the hard work of searching for bans and clear roads for you. The best application of this type is Bans For Trucks. It displays permanent and temporary (summer, winter, holiday) restrictions and traffic bans for trucks. There are already 40 countries in the application database, each with detailed descriptions of local driving bans.

zakazy jazdy dla ciężarówek


A full tank is the basis of a professional driver’s work. It guarantees a long, trouble-free ride without the need for frequent stops. However, regardless of whether we start the route with a fully or only partially filled tank, sooner or later there will be a need to refuel. However, instead of looking nervously for a station, if we are reminded too late that we will be driving on fumes, it is good to download an application which will keep track of the speed at which we use petrol or gas and which will inform us in good time about the need to replenish our reserves. If this moment occurs, the next program will be useful. It is a special search engine of petrol stations located in your vicinity that allows for ergonomic planning of the entire route and places where we will refuel. All these functions are provided by the TransParking application.

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Today, many people cannot live without their phones and constant contact with their loved ones and friends. Drivers, however, know very well how dangerous it is to use them while driving. However, if they want to learn about the current text messages and e-mails reaching them and respond to them without creating any threat to themselves or other road users, they can use modern applications that enable this type of communication by voice. Thanks to them we will hear the content sent to us and we will be able to respond to these messages, all quickly, conveniently and 100% securely. Apart from the most popular global communicators such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, there are also these dedicated to truck drivers, e.g. TransMessenger (requires registration on the platform).