Informational chaos in transport or where to look for proven information for drivers in a pandemical situation

22 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over all of Europe. As part of the fight against the coronavirus, national governments introduced numerous new restrictions and requirements for road haulers, often in a chaotic and unclear way. Unfortunately, the lack of reliable information only exacerbates the problems. For this reason, we have prepared several proven sources from which drivers can obtain detailed and up-to-date information on changes in freight transport regulations.

Here are a few proposals of proven sources of information that can be useful for every lorry driver (and not only). We have taken into account such criteria as popularity of the direction or the importance of the data resource.

Coronavirus in Europe: transport restrictions in a nutshell

Continuously updated map of Europe by country and level of introduced measures. When you click on the country outline, in the panel on the left you will see current information and links to additional materials: articles, resources, documents, etc.

Road infrastructure in France – map of services for drivers

The French government has published a map that can be used by HGV drivers. When going to a particular region, you can check the service stations and technical centers on it. The description of the point also includes information about sanitary facilities or restaurants.

Pełny ekran

Federal lands in a nutshell, i.e. what’s happening to drivers in Germany

For drivers heading for Germany, this interactive map will certainly be a useful tool. Divided into federal lands, it contains up-to-date information about the transport performance in each of them. Here you will find information about traffic bans, controls, restrictions, working hours, etc. The map is constantly updated, so we encourage you to use this resource.

Hungarian transport corridors

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The current information on transport corridors or occupancy rates at Hungarian border crossings can be found on this map. Additional useful information that appears on the map is the petrol stations opened on available routes.

Belarusian restrictions for foreign drivers

The Belarusian Ministry of Transport has published a map of roads and points available to stop on for foreign drivers. Leaving these areas by foot is prohibited (with a fine of over 500 euros). At designated stations, drivers will be able to shop, rest, refuel or eat. During their stay at the station, drivers are subject to sanitary and epidemiological control.

 Monitoring of Romanian border crossings

For those who intend to cross the Romanian border, an interactive map showing all border crossing points in the country will be a useful tool. After selecting a particular point, we will get information whether it is open and how long the waiting time is.

Border crossing points in Lithuania – which are available?

For those travelling to the north-east, the information on the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications may be useful. The data on the website is updated twice a day – we will find out about current congestion, waiting time and the length of queues. In addition, it is also possible to view the condition of queues in real time by using video transmission.

The Lithuanian authorities have also published a list of currently open border crossings that can be used by truck drivers. All other points are inaccessible for freight transport.

Driving restrictions for lorry drivers – Bans for trucks

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It is also worth mentioning tool that is very helpful in monitoring the changes in heavy traffic restrictions in all countries of the Old Continent. In the free Bans for trucks application you will find data about the latest bans by country, region, day, holiday and emergency situations.

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