A helping hand for road heroes or the work of truck drivers in a pandemic

13 May 2020

The work of professional drivers has never been one of the easiest. Especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dangerous regions, bad treatment, crisis, new restrictions. Fortunately, however, this is only one side of the coin. Many people, companies and institutions appreciate the work of drivers and show it very clearly.

Cheap lunch and even cheaper accommodation

The owners of the small hotel Poul’s Hof, located near Erfurt, decided not to close their facility, even though it was the best option for business due to tourism restrictions. Instead, they took the opportunity that the facility is a short distance from the A4 highway and changed their business profile a little bit, orienting themselves towards to new customers – truck drivers.

How did the owners decide to support the drivers? Truckers can use the toilet, shower and coffee in the hotel free of charge. Moreover, in the hotel’s restaurant, each driver meal costs only 7.5 euros. What’s more, for those who want to spend the night in the hotel, the owners offered as much as 50% discount for a room.

Free sanitary facilities and refreshments for the road

Visits to petrol stations are an integral part of drivers’ work, as owners of these king of facilities are aware. In gratitude for the effort of the drivers, Lotos provided the truckers with free toilets, which were previously paid in most cases.

Shell, on the other hand, thought about the coffee-shops. Lovers of the aromatic drink, working in transport, ambulance, Border Guard and other services can enjoy a cup of coffee at all stations of this operator. The “Little Black” is also available for drivers in Germany. Thanks to the initiative of the MAN truck manufacturer, truck drivers can enjoy a free cup of this drink on all Vereinigung Deutscher Autohöfe parking lots.

The Spanish Repsol network also offers free coffee and a croissant. The organisation has provided a list with the locations of the stations where truckers can count on free refreshments. The list includes at least 2 thousand facilities.

Cross-border movement and assistance to drivers

Changes in transport regulations have resulted in the reintroduction of border controls in most European countries. The unexpected introduction of new restrictions has resulted in congestion and huge queues of heavy goods vehicles with many kilometres. Without water, food or toilet facilities, drivers had to spend hours waiting. The residents of the border towns and other people of good will who want to help the truckers provided their care.

One such action was taken by the Visible Hand of Zgorzelec, which organized a collection of food, water and other necessary articles for both drivers and guards on the border with Germany in Jędrzychowice. The support action was also organized for those queuing at the crossings in Świecko and Słubice. The surrounding residents provided the drivers with necessary food and personal hygiene products.

The residents of the towns on the Polish-Czech border also showed their understanding. On the initiative of the local people, food and water were given to the drivers queuing at the crossing Nachód – Kudawa Słone. Not only local companies but also such well-known brands as Staropolanka joined the action.

Meanwhile, E100, a well-known fuel card issuer, decided to help those in need in congestion. The company’s representatives distributed hot meals and water at Kukuryki-Kozłowicze, Kamienny-Łog-Miedniki and Krakowiec-Korczowa crossings for several times.

The provincial governors were also obliged to help. Food products and first-needed goods were distributed by officers of the Border Guard, the Police and representatives of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

Crisis situations are able to bring out everything that people have the worst. Fortunately, the good factor almost always prevails. The following recording shows that not everyone is not so reluctant towards drivers. A truck driver stopped in front of a shop in the Spanish municipality of Santa Margarida de Montbui to unload the goods and received the portion of applause. Bravo.

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