Route towards the Baltic States – which car park for lorries are safe to spend the night in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia?

24 April 2020

Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia are not among the countries with extensive transport infrastructure, however, there are comfortable – and most importantly – safe parking lots where you can take a short or a long break. Here is a list of the best parking spaces, chosen by TransParking application users.

Transit countries, lying close to Baltic Sea in north-eastern Europe, are important for European transport due to their geographical location. They have access to the Baltic Sea, which has high capacity seaports, borders with Russia and Belarus, important trading partners of the EU and participate in many EU infrastructure projects.

No wonder that the share of carriers in these markets is important for European economy. Drivers are eager to drive in these directions, as these are usually short and safe routes. So where can you safely spend the night in these countries?

Lithuania – parking lots for lorries

In the case of Lithuania, TransParking users particularly recommend several places. It is the largest country in the region of the Baltic States, therefore it is easier to find parking places adapted to EU requirements there.

Parking Armenija – located on the A5 road, a paid and monitored facility with 40 parking spaces. It is illuminated and guarded. Additionally, you can take a shower or have a meal in the restaurant.

Parking in Mažeikiai – provided for 25 places, paid object, also accepting vehicles over 25 m. On site there is monitoring, security and the whole is fenced. The facility also accepts vehicles with dangerous goods.

Parking in Vilnius – the facility is located by road A3, 5 km from the capital. It is adapted for trucks over 25 m and those transporting ADR materials. The place is paid, but monitored, guarded and fenced. You can take a shower and do shopping here.

Ridma UAB – paid car park in Marijampole on Sporto Street, on the important Poland-Lithuania route. The facility is fenced, monitored and protected. It is designed for 50 trucks. There is a possibility to do shopping on site.

Paid car park in Kaunas – the facility is located in Palemono Street, designed for 50 vehicles, including over 25 meters. The car park is fully protected, and among the amenities there is Wi-Fi and a possibility to do shopping.

Parking lots for lorries in Latvia

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Vissa Baltic Transit – paid parking in Ādaži, 23 km from Riga and 15 km from the coast. The facility is designed for 80 vehicles, and at the same time – illuminated, protected, has monitoring and is completely fenced. There is also a restaurant, showers and Wi-Fi.

Parking in the town of Kocēnu pagasts – small, 10-seater facility on the road A3. It is fully protected and monitored. There are a shop and a car wash.

Parking in town Minči – medium paid parking for 25 vehicles. Fully protected and fenced. Lorries over 25 m and those transporting hazardous materials can stop in the facility. There is a restaurant, shower and Wi-Fi access.

Free car park in Riga – a small facility, only 10 seats, but a very good place to stop. The car park has not only security and monitoring, but also many amenities – medical point, laundry, gym, ATM and tacho service.

Virsi Kekava – small, fenced, illuminated and monitored car park with 15 parking spaces. The area of this paid facility includes a shop and a restaurant. In addition, there is a possibility to use Wi-Fi and electricity connection.

Parking lots for lorries in Estonia

Paid car park in Võru maakond – medium sized object with 20 seats on the E77 road. Security and monitoring is on site. The car park is fenced in and as far as security is concerned – it has no more security.

Parking in Misso vald, on the Riia-Pihkva road (No. 7) – a large, paid and fenced-off facility with monitoring and security. Both vehicles over 25 meters and those carrying dangerous goods can park here. It is designed for 25 trucks.

An intimate, 5-seater car park in Valga – this small, fully guarded facility offers drivers safe resting conditions and a restaurant.

IKLA Kantiin – parking for 40 cars in Häädemeeste vald. The entire facility is fenced and illuminated, and there is also monitoring. In addition, there is a medical center, a shop and a restaurant.

Are you looking for more available parking spaces for trucks in any of the Baltic countries? Find them in our free application for lorry drivers – TransParking.