8 best free parking lots in Germany for a 9-hour daily break

6 March 2019

The work of a professional driver can be a real challenge. Especially when it comes to numerous legal provisions that regulate truckers’ working and resting time. It is especially difficult to meet all requirements and at the same time take care of your own comfort, both physical and mental. We all know the situation with car parks in Europe, so we decided to make life easier for you. Here is a list of eight free car parks in Germany, best to spend a daily pause.

8 najlepszych bezpłatnych parkingów w Niemczech na 9-godzinną przerwę dobową

Car parks for trucks in Germany

Currently, Germany offers nearly 5,200 of car parks and places where a professional driver can stop. According to the German VEDA association, over 100,000 truck drivers look for a parking space every day on the highways. The country needs more than 30 thousand additional places for trucks. The deficit of secure car parks with adequate infrastructure is a real problem for drivers, which is why we decided to list a few free places where you can comfortably take a daily pause.

Rasthof Dresdner Tor Süd

As the name suggests, the car park is located near Dresden (20 kilometres from the city centre). Drivers value it due to the large number of parking spaces, space, good motel, cleanliness and the opportunity to do the laundry.

Petrol station: Aral
Gastronomic points: Burger King, Fellows cafe
Address: road E40, 01665 Hühndorf
Number of parking spaces: 100
TransParking app score: 4/5

Autohof Kirchheim

The place is primarily characterised by a good location. There are numerous amenities for drivers: supermarket, accommodation, showers (10 cabins), free Wi-Fi and medical point. Parking with ADR loads is allowed.
Petrol station: Shell, Agip
Gastronomic points: Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King
Address: Hauptstraße 2A, 36275 Kirchheim, road 454
Number of parking spaces: 118
TransParking app score: 4/5

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TIR Romröder car park, Liederbach

Relatively small, but recommended by drivers. Located near Liederbach, near Alsfeld. There are three shower cabins, accommodation and free Wi-Fi.

Petrol station: Total Autohof
Gastronomic points: KFC restaurant, Pfefferhöhe restaurant and hotel.
Address: Romröder Straße, 36304 Liederbach, road B49
Number of parking spaces: 45
TransParking app score: 4/5


Gudow (on the route to/from Hamburg) is appreciated by truckers due to the convenient exit and access to electric vehicle charging stations. There is a kitchen and hotel available for drivers.

Petrol station: Total Autohof.
Gastronomic points: Burger King
Address: road E26, 23899 Neugallin
Number of parking spaces: 80
TransParking app score: 4/5

A-2 Shell Braunshveig

Highly rated A-2 Shell Braunshveig car park is located on popular route between Poland and the Netherlands in Rüper. It is exceptional due to the green surroundings, travel service area and several good restaurants.

Petrol station: Shell
Gastronomic points: Nordsee, Wurst&Frites, Fellows cafe, recreational and restaurant point
Address: road E30, 38176 Rüper
Number of parking spaces: 66
TransParking app score: 4/5

Heiligenroth West

Heiligenroth West is a small but well-equipped car park. It is available for vehicles with ADR loads.

Petrol station: Esso
Gastronomic points: Burger King, Serways, Fellows cafe
Address: road E44, 56412 Heiligenroth
Number of parking spaces: 30
TransParking app score: 3/5

Car park TIR E35, Stallberg

Car park at E35 near Stalberg has only 30 spaces, but offers a convenient location on the route to the Netherlands, near Cologne. Valued by drivers due to the presence of electric vehicle charging stations and a travel service area.

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Petrol station: Shell
Gastronomic points: Burger King, Fellows cafe
Address: road E35, 53721 Stallberg
Number of parking spaces: 30
TransParking app score: 3.5/5

Car park TIR A4, Großkönigsdorf

A comfortable place on the route to Belgium, near Cologne, with two travel service areas, police station, vehicle charging station and friendly infrastructure for professional drivers. Because of the amenities, it is often occupied, so it is worth checking in advance if there are any spaces available.

Petrol station: Total Tankstelle, Aral
Gastronomic points: McDonald’s
Address: road A4, 50226 Großkönigsdorf
Number of parking spaces: 23
TransParking app score: 3.5/5


We selected the above car parks due to numerous amenities: accommodation, shops, restaurants, showers, etc. They are very popular among drivers, so let’s help each other and report the current occupancy of parking spaces in the TransParking app. It will only take a moment, but will help other drivers to save a lot of precious time.